JUN 26

3D Modeling with ChatGPT

tl;dr: ChatGPT can do a pretty okay job writing SCAD code with a little help. I’ve got a basement with one single cold air vent in the whole 1800ft area. That sucks. I decided to run a portable air conditioner to one of the windows, since the windows have window wells and a more efficient window unit wouldn’t work. In order to keep hot air from pooling in the window well and then being sucked back in, I contacted Window Well Experts and had a well cover custom made with a vent hole on it. However, just because I have100


Message Reactions Ranked

How I yearn for the days when everyone used the same way to communicate by text. Email is heavy and ugly now, but SMS wasn’t so bad in its heyday. With that said, one of my favorite features of “modern” messaging is the ability to “react” to messages. This gives a level of nuance to conversations that I think is really valuable. In real-life conversation, it’s understood by most people that you don’t have to keep saying a lot of words to agree with someone when some simple body language will do. Laughter, nodding, smiling, frowning — these all play100


Best Adult[ing] Purchases

This post is a place where I’m going to post the best purchases I’ve made as an adult that have had a stellar cost-to-outcome ratio in improving my life. I’ll post them as I think of them. I don’t use referral links. Shower Clock This thing is amazing. It has never fallen off of my tile wall, it doesn’t really drift, it has a timer if I really need it to, it has a thermometer to validate that it’s as cold as I feel like it is, and it keeps my ADHD ass from getting distracted in the warm shower100


The Trevor Pin

Last November, we lost an incredible human being. He was a friend, a colleague and mentor, a son, a partner, and a father. Trevor was one of my first friends — when I say “first,” I really mean it — we met when we were barely in elementary school. He lived next door to me, and his shy-but-effervescent energy was contagious from the start. I moved away a few years later and we lost touch, but in 2016 I tracked him down out of sheer curiosity and we became the closest of friends. He was my gateway into the music100