I do a lot of different stuff with my time, and this website is the landing page for all of those things.

A little about me:

  • I’m a video game enthusiast and Twitch affiliate, mostly streaming variety but with a strong common thread of Rocket League, where I’ve peaked at Grand Champ. I also run a little Discord server.
  • I’m a musician — I graduated with a music degree from George Mason University and promptly went into technology instead. Oops.
  • I’m a technologist — my main interests tech-wise are in large-scale cloud architecture. I do get antsy if I don’t get to put my hands on the keyboard for a while, but after spending years studying and building, I’ve come to find the people and process-related problems equally enjoyable to solve. I work at a very cool company called Contino where we do consulting that isn’t bullshit.
  • I run a pin shop in my spare time, full of original enamel pins.
  • I really like Phish, but I probably won’t talk to you about them unless you ask.

This site is here to collect my thoughts in those very different domains into one place as gracefully as possible. I may write posts on troubleshooting/solutions, and I hope they help at least one person (even if that person is future-me). I might write posts on games I’m playing, projects I’m working on, or problems I’ve been trying to solve. I have opinions — some of them are strong, but all of them are mine alone and don’t necessarily represent those of my employer or colleagues.

Oh, and I’ve got a lot of people to thank for their help with all these different projects.

I don’t plan on diving into SEO — if you don’t already know I exist, this website isn’t going to try to make you aware. If you’re working with me, playing games with me, or generally find yourself now in my orbit, then I hope this site is a pleasant little trip into my mind.

Stay cool, stay kind.