Best Adult[ing] Purchases

ℹ About the Title
I don’t really like the word “adulting” but I’m just gonna be pretty honest, “adult purchases” has a certain tone that I am not shooting for here. Maybe in a future post, lol.

This post is a place where I’m going to post the best purchases I’ve made as an adult that have had a stellar cost-to-outcome ratio in improving my life. I’ll post them as I think of them. I don’t use referral links.

Shower Clock

This thing is amazing. It has never fallen off of my tile wall, it doesn’t really drift, it has a timer if I really need it to, it has a thermometer to validate that it’s as cold as I feel like it is, and it keeps my ADHD ass from getting distracted in the warm shower and missing the beginning of my workday. All-in-all a top-tier purchase.


Wrist Rest

I initially tried the Deltahub Carpio, but the weird gap in the middle that was supposed to alleviate problems felt like it was creating them. I eventually bought this cheaper one, and now I feel like my mouse hand is wrong without it. I use mouse acceleration, so being able to slide my whole arm sometimes as well as pivot the mouse from my wrist is great, and this feels infinitely more natural with the teflon-padded rest.


Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

Half the price of its iRobot Roomba competitor, this thing has changed my life. I have two and have considered getting a third. It has solid battery life, it’s pretty good at navigating the house, it has amazing coverage and good suction, and after over three years of use it’s going strong. Most importantly, it empties itself into a base station so I only have to deal with it like once a month. It rarely has issues, it’s easy to take apart and clean out anything oversized that has made its way into the roller, and replacement parts are easy and fairly cheap to obtain. I could not possibly be happier with this thing.

$479 ($300 Refurb)

Dymo USB Labelmaker

All I’ve wanted for ages is a labelmaker I can hack a little bit. No special app required, I can just send some text to it and move along with my day. If you want that too, you can snag this labelmaker, plug it into a raspberry pi or something, and use the awesome dymoprint library to throw text at it. It’s not super full-featured or anything, but it prints labels without any fuss or design straight from the command line, and I can write code to do it. That’s worth its weight in gold to me.