Spoofing Your TinyPilot Device ID

TinyPilot is an excellent IP KVM built by Michael Lynch for the Raspberry Pi. It emulates a keyboard and mouse as a relay with a browser-based frontend, and collects the output of the video card from the remote machine through an HDMI capture card. However, there are some reasons you might want to adjust it so that it indicates that it is a different kind/vendor of device. In this case, I reached out to Michael who provided me the following information: The values come from the init-usb-gadget script here:https://github.com/tiny-pilot/ansible-role-tinypilot/blob/master/files/init-usb-gadget#L26 [author note: link adjusted] The installer places that file at /opt/tinypilot-privileged/init-usb-gadget and a systemd100